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Kit includes two each of peg, clevis pin, spring, spring alignment collar, bottom stainless washer and cotter pin. The Big Peg is lower by 1.25" to 1.5" depending on the model of GS. Big Pegs are 4.9" long overall, with a grip area of 3.5 inches by 2 inches. The factory rubber insert...
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The DRF700 is a replacement footpeg providing a more relaxed riding position. With this kit, tall riders fit on the F-series bikes quite comfortably.The grip surface is 2.0" lower than the factory peg with its rubber insert in placeand approximately 1.25" lower than the steel grip surface.
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Foot position moves approximately 1.7" down and .375" forward.With the kit installed, the location of the shifter relative to the footpeg is maintained.With the new linkage system, the shifter angle can be adjusted over a wide range.
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The F800 series bikes have been built using three different left side peg / shifter mounting arrangements. The two changeovers do not coincide with model years.  We have three different kits, one for each design.  The difference is in the shifter linkage extender.  The rest of the parts are the...
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Peg designed to clear brake pedal mounting bolt. New external spring and hardware included. Peg is tilt adjustable using 8mm set screw. 1.28" lower than rubber insert, 1" lower than metal teeth Length overall 4.75"  Width 1.6" Grip surface length 3.4"
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Passenger foot peg lowering kit to fit R1100GS , R1150GS, R1150GS Adventure without factory luggage, R1200GS & R12GS ADV 2005 and newer, including 2013 & newer R1200GSW. This kit does not fit R1150GS Adventure with factory luggage which uses a foot peg from the R1100S that is completely different from...
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Soft cushion (RT) Driver foot pegs, 1.5" lower   The XR kit consists of a pair of replacement footpegs using the rubber sleeves from an R1200RTW. This vibration absorbing peg was designed for the original K bikes back in the 1980s, and is still used on several BMW models today....
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These 10.8 oz bar ends substantially reduce vibration in the handlebar. HBW11HG-XR for bikes with factory handguards.  HBW11-XR bar end only for bikes without handguards.  


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