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$ 8.99
The BikeMaster® Oil Filter Wrench makes even hard-to-reach filters easy to change. The perfect fit for your needs. Each tool acts like a socket to remove hard to reach or stubborn oil filters 3/8" drive for socket wrench/ratchets. 76mm, 14 Flutes (Does not fit BMW Oil Filters with splined pattern)...
$ 30.00
Allow your 10 pin diagnostic connector outfitted GS-911wifi to connect to the new generation of EU4 compliant J1962 (OBD II) diagnostic connection equipped motorcycles with the HEX Code EU4 Adapter Cable. Beginning in 2017, all motorcycles will be required to meet EU4 standards which includes the use of OBD II...
$ 399.00
The HEX Code GS-911wifi Enthusiast Diagnostic Tool for motorcycles for is for monitoring information from the engine and other systems on your fuel injected BMW motorcycle. Your motorcycle is equipped with sophisticated electronics that ensure smooth operation within manufacturer specifications. If you have an indicated malfunction on your dash the...
Out of stock
This is the solution to getting at those hard to reach valve stems. Just screw it onto the valve stem and any air hose will fit easily. Note: This piece is designed for convenience use only. It will simplify checking and changing the tire air pressure. Do not operate your...
$ 7.95
The Bikemaster Oil Filter Wrench makes even hard-to-reach filters easy to change.  The perfect fit for your needs.
$ 16.99
This storage tube attaches directly to the outside of any flat-sided sidecases and can be used to carry an MSR 30oz Fuel Bottle or Water Bottle as well as any other gear that can fit inside of it. It has an internal diameter of 3.12" and an internal height of...
$ 8.99
A must-have for routine maintenence, we now offer this great, yet inexpensive oil filter wrench to easily remove your stubborn, hard to reach oil filter. Each tool acts like a socket to remove hard to reach or stubborn oil filters 3/8" drive for socket wrench/ratchets. 76mm, 12 Spline (Does not fit...
Out of stock
The HEX Code GS-911 WiFi is diagnostic interface tool which allows the user to read and monitor 4 main systems on your fuel injected BMW or Husqvarna motorcycle using a Windows equipped PC, with emergency and service based functionality on mobile devices (iPhone, iPad and Android devices). Complex operating systems...
Out of stock
The Stop & Go Tubeless Puncture Pilot has revolutionized the way flat tires are plugged on the fly. Extensive research has proven that the best way to repair a tubeless tire is from the inside out, work that cannot be done with out numerous tools, significant time and the know...
Out of stock
Want to mount your Tool Tube to your SW-MOTECH siderack? These brackets which can mount in an infinite number of positions are the answer. Mount either the Tool Tube to your SW-MOTECH siderack; or any other surface, in an infinite number of configurations with the aid of the handy brackets....
$ 129.99
BMW motorcycles are legendary for innovation, which often results in non-standard fasteners. Female star fasteners are commonplace, and some models even use rare male star screws. Add unique traditional wrench and hex key size requirements, and it becomes clear that a special tool kit is called for. We addresses these...
$ 13.99
The Check pressure at-a-glance is for tires 1,3-3,0 bar. Put in the correct pressure. Screw on and leave. When pressure reduces - central red indicator will position above the green indicator portion. Caps are replacable. This is not a substitute for regular tire pressure checks.
Out of stock
The mounting kit includes the proper size Drill Bit, Hex Head Screws, Sealing Washers and Large Exterior Washers as detailed in the Installation Instructions attached below. If you would like to attach the Tool Tube using an alternate method please order the optional Mounting Brackets.This large storage tube attaches directly...
$ 19.99
Fits just about anywhere, so no excuse for not checking your pressures when you ride Under the seat, in your pocket, in your bag, ready to keep you safe Your tire pressure is just about the most vital check you can make
$ 63.41
The tool tube is an effective way to create storage on your bike where there previously wasn't any available. This is the bike specific version where it has been made to fit the side carrier for the model mentioned. The tool tube is a black plastic storage compartment with a...
Out of stock
LYNX Hooks Interlocking Adjustable Gear Straps 2-pack includes two complete tie-downs - enough for lots of configurations, including a 4-way cluster. Each tie-down has two patented interlocking black hooks attached to a patented hybrid strap made of a webbing adjustable section married to a stout stretch section made of solid,...


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