Machine Art Moto MudSling Rear Splash Guard (2013+ R1200GS-LC/Adv.)
Machine Art Moto MudSling Rear Splash Guard (2013+ R1200GS-LC/Adv.)
Machine Art Moto MudSling Rear Splash Guard (2013+ R1200GS-LC/Adv.)
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Machine Art Moto MudSling Rear Splash Guard (2013+ R1200GS-LC/Adv.)

$ 149.00 $ 129.00

MudSling™ -1200GS/ADV_LC rear suspension and splash guard

MudSling solves new GS owners' complaints about the backs of their legs getting soaked in the rain, while it protects the rear shock and surrounding areas from rock scrapes and tar accumulation.

The MudSling™_LC mounts in between the rear tire and suspension, increasing the surface width to each side up to 3" and downwards 7" for a total of 220% more coverage area than stock.

MudSling™_LC is injection molded in resilient polypropylene with a fine texture matching other molded surfaces on the GS. It is precisely shaped to engage the bottom of the existing fender and fits tightly against the frame where it is secured. Installation takes less than 5 minutes.

MudSling™_LC fits with BMW stock pannier mounts for both the GS and ADV, as well as Touratech Zega Pro, Jesse, and SW Motech. It does not fit with Hepco Becker.

MudSling™12GS_LC continues the MudSling™ tradition of functionality, attention to detail, and excellent appearance.


Important fit information - MudSling and the 2014 Adventure_LC

We developed the MudSling_LC to fit the standard R12GS_LC with both standard fitment tires and Continental TKC 80's. MudSling also fits the GS Adventure with standard tires, but does not fit with TKC-80 nor any other brand of knobby tires.

On the Adventure clearance between the rear tire and the MudSling is less than on the GS due to its 20mm longer suspension travel. While on the center stand the rear wheel assembly hangs lower and closer to the inside surface of the MudSling than on the GS and knobby tires will rub it. Taken off the centerstand the bike's weight compresses the suspension slightly increasing clearance between the tire and MudSling, although it is still small. With a rider aboard and the suspension working, clearance increases further.

Because there is contact in the extended suspension state between the MudSling and knobby tires, we do not recommend mounting both on the Adventure.

On the standard GS_LC, MudSling fits with sufficient clearance in all suspension states, both with stock fitment tires and Continental TKC80 knobbies.

Knobby tires not compatible with MudSling on the standard R1200GS_LC:
Mitas E 07 150/70-17

We will keep you informed of additional tire fitment information as it is collected.

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