Lock-it Side Carrier - KTM 1090, 1190, 1290 Adventure
Lock-it Side Carrier - KTM 1090, 1190, 1290 Adventure
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Lock-it Side Carrier - KTM 1090, 1190, 1290 Adventure

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The “Lock-it” System is an innovative design from Hepco & Becker for mounting side cases to your bike while having the option to remove the mounting frames and return to the original look and style of your bike in a matter of seconds.

Many riders do not use their luggage all the time, especially on short or daily rides, and would prefer not to have the mounting frames installed for reasons of aesthetics as well as practicality. The solution is the Lock-it system. There is a small initial attachment plate that is simply bolted to your bike without any drilling necessary. From that attachment plate, you simply attach the mounting frames using quarter-turn Lock-it fasteners. These fasteners have an Allen head pattern allowing for quick installation and removal of the side carriers, leaving you with an almost original look bike when not installed.

Each bike has its own custom made system specific to that one model. All the Lock-it mounting systems will accept all of the hard side cases offered by Hepco & Becker. Anti-theft protection is available as an added security feature thanks to the lockable Lock-It system fastener (151.050). These locks replace the standard Lock-it fasteners requiring a key to install and remove the mounting frames.

If you click on more views under the main image, more images of the side carrier on the bike will be pulled up. You can see that this side carrier is the symmetrical version where the case on each side is an equal distance from the center of the bike and is the more popular version that people go with. The placement of the cases are not only symmetrical but higher up on the bike and provide an almost arm chair like feel for the passenger due to the cases being around 5 inches taller than the seat. We recommend this version for most riders.

The asymmetrical side carrier (650.7524 00 01) is recommended for solo riders on long trips because the top of the side cases are just below the passenger grab rails creating a lower center of gravity and create more of a flat service which allows you to strap items down across the bike. On the right side of the bike, the case is also pushed in closer to the exhaust with about half an inch of space to spare.

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