Helmet Secure - S1000RR
Helmet Secure - S1000RR
Helmet Secure - S1000RR
Helmet Secure - S1000RR
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Helmet Secure - S1000RR

Helmet Secure
$ 54.99

The HelmetSecure lock's quality engineered design offers:

  • Freedom from carrying your helmet with you
  • Security that beats D-ring locks
  • Safety through not carrying a chain or U-lock
  • Convenience in a compact, pre-coiled cable

Designed to deter theft of your helmet, the HelmetSecure lock provides a permanent, readily-available security solution.

The HelmetSecure lock was developed after we realized that there was a genuine need for a more convenient and secure means of leaving your helmet on your bike. Currently many bikers would rather carry their helmet than rely on D-rings locks or cumbersome cable locks. The HelmetSecure lock is a new patent-pending lock for full-face and open-face helmets that allows bikers to more confidently leave their helmet on their S1000RR.

The HelmetSecure lock attaches permanently to the triple clamp stem nut so you only need to fit it once. After that, the lock is always available for use, without having to carry it or store it. The HelmetSecure lock incorporates an integral, pre-coiled steel cable to go through the face of the helmet or D-ring and back into the lock. If you have the key, you can unbolt the lock from the handlebar.

Our design allows that the bolts that secure the lock to the triple clamp become inaccessible when the cable is locked - so the locking mechanism not only locks the cable, but also prevents the lock itself from being removed from the bike.

Locking your helmet to the center of your handlebar or triple clamp means that the helmet rests high on the bike, away from dirty/hot Exhaust and Power Parts, and usually upright so that any rain will not fall into it.

The black anodized HelmetSecure Sportbike lock is supplied with a replacement stem nut - simply replace the stock stem nut and, using the included Allen/Hex key, bolt the lock around the stem nut. You will need a wrench to fit the 36mm stem nut.

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