BMW Final Drive Oil Change Kit (BMW R1200 / R1250 Models) (from $10.44)

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Crush Washer*
Drain Plug*

This kit has all the necessary parts for changing the gear oil on the final drive of your R1200. Kit includes:

  • 200ML bottle of BMW's 75W-90 C-SAF-XO Final Drive Gear Oil - Don’t settle for other oil just because “it costs less”. BMW special performance oils meet all of the demanding requirements of precision BMW motorcycles. Provides outstanding wear, rust, corrosion, and oxidation protection, and will stay in grade under severs loads at all operating conditions.
  • OEM O-Ring for drain plug.  At this price point, it's common practice to replace with every oil change.  O-rings are re-usable at times, but it's always good to have on-hand if needed after inspection.  Keep your oil inside the final drive housing and not on the ground!
  • OEM Crush washer for oil fill plug - It's recommended to change this crush washer every time you change your oil. Failure to do so could result in oil seepage or leaks around the drain plug.
  • Optional Magnetic Drain Plug from Dimple Products.  Uses a high strength magnet to keep debris out.  Also uses same OEM o-ring for future services, as well as an external hex for easier access and serviceability. 

Ships domestic ground only due to oil.

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