ADVDepot Rally "Facelift" Package (R1200GS LC 2013-2016)
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ADVDepot Rally "Facelift" Package (R1200GS LC 2013-2016)


Have a Pre-Facelift liquid cooled R1200GS but want some of the upgrades from the 2017 facelifted models?  Here we have many OEM and Aftermarket options to give your "old" bike a bit of an update!


Ztechnik Fairing Winglets: ZTechnik’s new GS Fairing Winglets raise the performance and comfort level of the R1200GS for both touring and off-road riders.


Your Choice of Windscreens:

  • BMW Rally Windscreen
    • Windshield for sporty Enduro riding.
    • Approximately 2.75” lower than a standard windshield with the same width.
    • Better view when riding off-road.
    • More freedom of movement when riding standing up.
    • Available clear or tinted
    • Scratch-Proof coating for unimpaired long-term transparency.
    • Dimensions (LxWxH): approximately 12.2"x8.8"x12.2"
  • Twalcom Off-Road Windscreen
    • This windshield, manufactured with great attention to detail, is extremely lightweight and resistant to scratches. The special Dark Smoke color gives an aggressive look and transforms the appearance of the R1200GS/ADV-LC
  • Twalcom Tall Windshield
    • This windshield is designed with an increased height of 7.5cm over the stock windshield, offers maximum comfort and perfect protection especially to riders of high stature. Available in clear and smoked gray.
  • Machine Art Moto Slipscreen
    • The Slipscreen is the solution for off-road and hot weather riding when minimal physical obstruction and maximum airflow are a comfort advantage.
  • Ztechnik VStream Windshields
    • VStream® revolutionizes windscreen performance! The advanced "V" shape and dimensional contours push the wind vortex out and away from the rider's helmet, resulting in a peaceful, quiet environment This improvement is notable for the passenger as well.
    • Available in three heights; Sport, Touring, and Touring Deluxe


    ZTechnik® Windscreen Stabilizer Kit: ZTechnik's Z5220 Windscreen Stabilizer Kit adds support and strength to the OEM windshield mount arms on 2013 and later BMW® R1200GS/GS Adventure motorcycles.


    Hornig Beak ExtenderWhen riding on wet roads of off-road, the rider instantly notices how little splash protection the GS has to offer!


    BMW Frame Guards: Protects the frame against scratching and chafe marks due to wearing rigid boots in off-road riding.



    BMW Rally Seat

    • Available in high (34.6") or low (33.7") option
    • Seat harder and much more suitable for off-road
    • Slim line seat helps off-road riders reach the ground easier
    • Slim, narrow silhouette produces an enduro look
    • Small luggage plate with GS logotype
    • Approved for two-up riding


      Twalcom Rally Luggage Rack: This very robust plate with rack attached directly to the frame of the bike has been specifically designed for matching the BMW Rally saddle. The plate, in addition to being built with quality materials, allows to have a large cargo area is also suitable for heavier loads. Available in Black or Silver.

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