S1000 Depot is now part of ADVdepot.

Dear S1000depot customers,

We'd like to thank you for your patronage and support throughout the years that we have operated S1000depot, however we are now closing some old doors to widen new ones here at the new ADVdepot.

Though we will still offer support to S1000R and S1000RR riders, the S1000XR will be the only BMW S1000 model that we will be moving forward with and continue stocking the latest product for.  Many items are cross compatible however, and we invite you to browse our new website.  Your feedback is also appreciated.

Any items currently in stock that are only compatible with S1000R/RR models will be offered at either a discounted price on our store or in our ebay listings.

Thank you again.  It has been a great ride!
LM Cycle Supplies / Adventure Motorcycle Depot

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