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Kits include all of the necessary components to repair a carburetor. ATV models with two carburetors include components to repair two carburetors
Kit includes all O-rings, gaskets, jets, needle, mixture screw, float bowl screws, float valve needle and seat. (Needle jet and other pressed in jets are not included in kit.)
OEM jet sizes and slide needles are included in the kit. KTM and Husqvarna Kits do not include jets or slide needle standard jetting sizes are not provided by the Factory
NBR rubber material is used on all O-rings and rubber gaskets. NBR has excellent resistance to the ethanol used in today’s fuels
Applications that use paper float bowl gaskets are upgraded to High Performance Interface Gasket material
Components included in the kits are based off of US models and discretion must be used when attempting to install the kit on a non US model
2005 - 2009 Honda TRX250 Recon ES 4x2
2011 - 2014 Honda TRX250 Recon ES 4x2
2016 - 2017 Honda TRX250 Recon ES 4x2
2005 - 2009 Honda TRX250TM Recon
2011 - 2014 Honda TRX250TM Recon
2016 - 2017 Honda TRX250TM Recon

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