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Quick-Lock Topcase Adaptor - GIVI Monolock
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Quick-Lock Topcase Adaptor - GIVI Monolock

SW Motech
$ 42.95

Removable quick-release adapter plate for mounting a standard Givi Monolock or Kappa Monolock topcase (E470, E450, E370, E350, E33, E30, E280, E260, etc.) to an SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack toprack.

Includes Givi fitting lugs and rubber vibration-reducing bumpers.

The top plate can be removed from the Alu-Rack by turning each of three quarter-turn Quick-Lock fasteners 90 degrees, providing a cleaner look to the motorcycle when the topcase and top-plate are not in use.

Givi brakelight kits are 100% compatible with this top plate.

Using a Givi brake light kit with your SW-MOTECH top plate, we recommend also purchasing the Quick-Release Wiring Kit so that your top plate will still be removable after you wire up the topcase's brake light!
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