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Significantly brighter than stock incandescent bulb system. There can be fitted in seconds and including electronics on the back of the panel to ensure the correct flash rate. They are fully compatible with the CAN-Bus wiring system found on the F800S and F800ST. Sold in pairs.

These indicators have yellow around the outside, and red LEDs in the center. They can be used in the front or rear, but are more suited to the rear especially if you plan to tap into the rear brake light.

Also work with:

Rob Says:
I had a set of these installed on my BMW F800S, and I love them. Installation was super-simple - disassemble the rear signals, unplug the old setup, plug in the new one, and tap in the wire to the brake like. (check out the F800Riders.org Hall oF Wisdom for more information on the tap in)

I get asked quite a bit about the brightness during the day - is it any brighter / can people see it in daylight? The answer to both is absolutely! Check out the following demonstration - it has this part, an LED tail light, and a Lite Blazer

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