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HP Pro Gearshift Assistant

  • In virtually all engine-speed ranges and under almost any load, it allows upshifts and downshifts without any need for the rider to operate the clutch or throttle controls
  • Reduces clutch operation to a minimum
    - Upshifting as on the familiar gearshift assistant
    - Downshifting now also without clutch operation
  • Advantages: Sportier riding with increased comfort
    - Shifting times are reduced in comparison with gear changes using the clutch
    - Advantage with heavy braking on the racetrack: The rider can optimally support himself/herself on the handlebars, as the hands can remain completely on the handlebars and need not be used for clutch operation.
    - Considerable reduction in load change effects on the rear wheel
    - Rear wheel stays in contact with the track even better.
  • Also in combination with shift pattern reversal

  • Gears are engaged by the foot lever using the standard procedure
    - The Pro Gearshift Assistant supports only the actual gear changing operation. The rider remains responsible for consciously changing the gears. (This is not an automatic or semiautomatic transmission)
  • Notice: To ensure safety, cruise control is always automatically deactivated during gear changes with the Pro Gearshift Assistant.
  • Installation only by authorized BMW Motorrad dealer

  • Also available as a factory option

  • NOTE: Programming/Enabling code required. Please contact us or your local dealership for details


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