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M12x1.0 Magnetic Drain Plug for BMW Final Drive

This plug was designed for BMW's Final Drives with a small 8mm external hex so that the plug can be filled with a large 1/4" diameter magnet, the same size as fitted to a Corvette. This plug also features a recessed area to hold metal particles.

DIMPLE Oil Plugs will, EXTEND the life of your Vehicle!
  • Dimple products use extreme magnetism to rip the metal particles out of your oil and keep it out. 
  • All magnets are not created equal.
  • Dimple magnets are made under contract to insure that they are always what they say they are, the strongest high temperature grade neodymium magnets in the world. 
  • High temperature neodymium magnets do not lose magnetism like regular neodymium magnets do at only 175F. Dimple's Black Hole High Temperature Magnets are rated at over 300F.
  • Dimple magnets work easily in all hot engine environments. 
  • The nature of Dimple specified magnets makes them last a long, long time. The formula for figuring out how long your Dimple Magnet will last is: Dimple's magnets degrade 1/2 of 1% every one hundred years!

"The stronger the magnet, the cleaner the oil"


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